​In a previous chapter, I was the chef/owner of two small bustling restaurants here in Ankeny, Iowa, along with my husband, Bob and three (then very young) daughters,  Emily, Rachel and Robin.

​​​As a star struck teen, back in the 70's, I found myself  apprenticing at the infamous Alice's Restaurant in Stockbridge Mass (made famous by the song and movie of the same name, written by Arlo Guthrie).   There I was mentored by the iconic Alice Brock herself,  a moment in time that was  to set my feet upon a path from which I would never look back. 

Food has the amazing power to connect people.   Our world is a much smaller, friendlier and less scary place when we share a lovely meal.​  

Come on this wonderful culinary adventure with me.  There's always more to learn!

 Let's cook together and share a meal. The table is set!  -Deb 

Hello, I'm Deb Cazavilan and I've been teaching people to cook for over 15 years.

​​Welcome to my home, and the kitchen of Wooden Spoons!