In a previous chapter, I was the chef/owner of two small but busy restaurants here in Ankeny  Iowa,

(Cappuccino's  and TheLittle Blue House)  with my husband Bob and three (then very young) daughters,  Emily, Rachel and Robin.

​​​As a star struck teen in the 1970's, I found myself apprenticing at the iconic Alice's Restaurant in Stockbridge Mass (made famous by the song and movie of the same name, written by Arlo Guthrie).   

There, I was mentored by Alice Brock herself,  a moment in time that was  to set my feet upon a path from which I would never look back. 

Food has the amazing power to connect people, and make the world a smaller, safer place.

Come on this wonderful culinary adventure with me.  Make some friends, taste something new!

There's more to learn, and so many wonderful people to meet around the table.

The kitchen is ready, the table is set!   Let's cook!

Recreational Cooking Classes in Des Moines - Ankeny Area Since 2003

Hello, I'm Deb Cazavilan and I've been teaching Cooking Classes in the Des Moines-Ankeny area for over 15 years. 

​​Welcome To My Home and The Kitchen of Wooden Spoons!